To responsibly inform systemic narrative design, Juanique stepped out of her original field of study in Journalism to work with various organisations in development. Under the banner of 'Social Intel' she assisted stakeholders with strategic communications, advocacy, policy analysis, fundraising, campaigns, organisational development requirements. She is also a director of non-profit organisation the Centre for Analytics & Behavioural Change (CABC).

Focused on inclusive development through media psychology having studied at the Institute of Futures Research she adopted the Biomatrix Theory for Social and Organisational Change as the foundational strategy for systems change in her work. 
Juanique is currently editing her first futurism-themed book: Beyond the Paradox, focused on applying a systems worldview to narrative change. Her aim for the next 5 years is to write, produce and present media content in a pop culture context that uses case studies of the above to tell systemic stories. 

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